South Baltimore Business Alliance

"Protecting industry and supporting communities”

A 501 (c)(6) Non-Profit Organization
P.O. Box 19755
Baltimore, MD  21225

Who We Are

Established in 2004, the South Baltimore Business Alliance is a coalition of businesses located in the Brooklyn/Curtis Bay area of Baltimore City and Northern Anne Arundel County. Membership includes heavy industry, manufacturing, recycling, transportation and related service providers.

The SBBA mission is to protect our members’ right to exist and operate, advocate industrial growth and expansion while promoting cooperative co-existence of the industrial and residential communities. The importance of industrial preservation and expansion as well as the importance of industry as it relates to the local economy is our message. Through participation in local events, sponsorship of youth activities, donations, and education, SBBA strives to foster a positive relationship with our community.

The SBBA is diligent in its efforts to provide input on important issues that effect jobs in the region. We have made a significant impact on a number of issues since 2004 and remain named stakeholders in the Brooklyn and Curtis Bay Urban Renewal Plan and the Brooklyn and Curtis Bay SNAP